Cartuja de Jerez

The Highest Artistic Value.

It is the monumental complex with the highest artistic value in the Cadiz province. Its initial architectural style is late Gothic and dates from the 15th Century. It was registered as a Historical-Artistic Monument.

Enclosed Monastery inhabited by the Monastic Family of Bethlehem, of the Assumption of the Virgin and of Saint Bruno. The exteriors are accessible from 7am until 6pm.

Renaissance façade as well as the St Mary´s Chapel. Highlights are the stalls of the choir and the main altarpiece, and the small Gothic cloister.

Carretera Jerez a Algeciras Km. 4
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Mass: Sunday and Monday at 5:30 pm And Tuesday to Saturday at 8:15 am. Shop: Tuesday to Saturday From 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.