Tablao Flamenco La Bailaora

Magical Live Flamenco Nights.

Traditional, improvised and genuine flamenco, lunches, dinners and Sherry wine available.
A unique 60 minutes long experience, a cast of great professionals of current flamenco trends.

Welcoming show which varies every night, combining the most traditional flamenco stlyes, through singing, guitar and dancing.

Currently the Flamenco Tablao La Bailaora is located in “La Guarida del Ángel”, a 16th century mansión with an intimate atmosphere where you can ejoy one of the best and most authentic flamenco shows.

Options for events, clase and masterclasses for groups or privately also available.


Calle Porvenir, 1
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Dinner: 7:00 pm And 8:30 pm. Flamenco Show: 8:00 pm And 9:30 pm.